My name is Tom Fayle. I am an ecologist, with interests in community ecology, conservation biology and behavioural ecology. My work focuses on tropical ants, but I also study a range of other groups. I currently hold postdoctoral positions at the University of South Bohemia and Czech Academy of Sciences. My fieldwork takes me to Malaysian Borneo and Papua New Guinea.


Recent publications

Luke S.H., Fayle T.M., Eggleton P., Turner E.C. & Davies R.G. (2014) Abundance and functional structure of ant and termite assemblages along a tropical forest disturbance gradient in Sabah, Malaysia. Biodiversity and Conservation 23: 2817–2832 [PDF] [Mongabay]

Fayle T.M., Turner E.C. & Foster W.A (2013) Ant mosaics occur in SE Asian oil palm plantation but not rain forest and are influenced by the presence of nest-sites and non-native species. Ecography 36: 1051-1057 [PDF] [Suppl. Mat.] [NERC Planet Earth] [Mongabay]

Senior M.J.M., Hamer K.C., Bottrell S., Edwards D.P., Fayle T.M., Lucey J.M., Mayhew P.J., Newton R., Peh K. S.-H., Sheldon F.H., Stewart C., Styring A.R., Thom M.D.F., Woodcock P. & Hill J.K. (2013) Trait-dependent declines of species following conversion of rain forest to oil palm plantations. Biodiversity and Conservation 22: 253-268 [PDF]

Fayle T.M. & Polaszek A. (2013) Wallace's legacy: from biogeography to conservation biology. Antenna: 37: 172-175 [PDF]

Fayle T.M., Edwards D.P., Turner, E.C., Dumbrell A.J., Eggleton P. & Foster W.A. (2012). Public goods, public services, and by-product mutualism in an ant-fern symbiosis. Oikos 121: 1279–1286 [PDF] [Suppl. Mat.] [Commentary in PLoS ONE]