My name is Tom Fayle. I am an ecologist, with interests in community ecology, conservation biology and behavioural ecology. I study how interactions between species build up to form networks, and the manner in which those networks then respond to variation in the environment.


Some recent publications

Xing S. & Fayle T.M. (2021) The rise of ecological network meta-analyses: problems and prospects. Global Ecology and Conservation 30: e01805 [PDF]

Zahra S., Novotny V. & Fayle T.M. (2021) Do reverse Janzen-Connell effects reduce species diversity? Trends in Ecology and Evolution 36: 387-390 [PDF]

Tuma J., Eggleton P & Fayle T.M. (2020) Ant-termite interactions: an important but under-explored ecological linkage Biological Reviews 95: 555-572 [PDF]

Segar S.T., Fayle T.M., Srivastava D.S., Lewinsohn T.M., Lewis O.T., Novotny V., Kitching R. L., & Maunsell S.C. (2020). The role of evolution in shaping ecological networks. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 35: 454-466 [PDF]